The New Homebuying Season

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Spring is often seen as the best time to buy and move into a new home and for good reason. The season represents rebirth and a fresh start which are symbolic of when you and your family move into a new home. 

I am not here to counter the argument that Spring is a great time to buy and move into a new home. Rather I am here to propose a new homebuying season. One that you might have dismissed for a variety of reasons, but one that I believe may offer you something better than Spring. 

The new season I am referencing is Fall. Now we traditionally associated Fall with colder weather which means hunkering down like a bear and hibernating till the weather gets warmer. Or the hustle and bustle Of all of the fall and winter holidays preoccupy our time and attention.

But I have four reasons why you should consider Fall YOUR new homebuying season. 


Because just about everyone looks for a new home during Spring, looking in the Fall means there will be less competition. So when you find a home that you truly love, you will not have as many other home buyers to compete against. 


Ever been to a restaurant where they have a really big menu and you have a hard time deciding what to eat? A LOT of homes go on the market in the Spring which can be overwhelming and tiring. During the Fall, there are still plenty of homes to choose from but you will be able to truly focus on what you want out of your new home. 


Picture welcoming trick-or-treaters to your new home for Halloween. Or having your family over for Thanksgiving dinner. Or hosting a Christmas party in the home of your dreams. Buying a home in the Fall is a fantastic way to celebrate the holiday season. 


Speaking of the holiday season, it there a better time of the year to shop than during the holidays? Especially for big ticket items like couches, televisions, refrigerators, washers, and dryers. The holiday season is when many of these items are at their cheapest.  

Spring or Fall, there is really no bad time to move into the home of your dreams. However there are some distinct benefits to taking action during the new homebuying season!

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