2019 Quarter 2 Market Update

2019 Second Quarter Market Update


Daniel shares his thoughts including his ONE big takeaway from the 2019 second quarter update.

2nd QTR 2019 & 2018 RECAP for Greater Albuquerque Areas

Class R1 (Existing Single-Family Detached)2nd Quarter 218 and 2019 Class R1 Recap

As discussed in the video this graphic shows we are in a SELLER’s and MOVER’S market.

If you are looking to sell your home, move into a larger one, or downsize now is the time. Daniel can help you do that! Contact The Gaillour Group today!

Average sales price for 2018 Albuquerque homesThis illustrates the increase in value of single-family detached homes over the last two years. Again, an excellent opportunity to sell your home. 

It also represents a great opportunity to get into real estate investment. This is a great time to do that and Daniel is hosting a workshop on how you can begin to invest in the Albuquerque real estate marketing. Contact The Gaillour Group today for more info!

2018 and 2019 Q2 Albuquerque Real Estate Update

2018 and 2019 Q2 Rio Rancho Real Estate UpdateThe above two graphics further show how much of a seller’s AND mover’s market we are currently. This applies to both Albuquerque and Rio Rancho. 

Once again this is a great time to contact The Gaillour Group if:

  • You are looking to sell your home
  • You are looking to move to a bigger home
  • You are looking to downsize
  • You are interested in investing in real estate

Daniel Gaillour and The Gaillour Group are uniquely qualified to address your real estate needs.

Contact us today and let us be your Real Estate Advocate!

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